Filip Johansson

Filip Johansson

Axis Communications

​​​​​​​Filip Johansson is a dynamic professional with a rich background in engineering physics and a proven track record in the intersection of science, engineering, and business. He holds a Master's degree in Engineering Physics from Lund University, showcasing his commitment to academic excellence and technical expertise.Filip began his professional journey with the imaging team at Axis, where he played a pivotal role in designing algorithms for image processing. His passion for technology and innovation led him to Chicago in 2015, where he seamlessly integrated his engineering skills into the sales domain, supporting the sales team with a unique engineering perspective.

Currently, Filip serves as the leader of a dynamic team of field sales engineers and technical trainers for the Midwest Business area. As the manager of technical operations for both the Chicago and Minneapolis offices, he oversees and drives the technical excellence that underpins the success of the team.
In recognition of his outstanding contributions, Filip has been nominated to the board, a testament to his leadership and ability to bridge the worlds of science, engineering, sales, and marketing. He is eager to bring his diverse skill set and experiences to the table, believing that they will add substantial value to the operations of the Swedish-American Chamber of Commerce (SACC) in 2024. Filip is driven by a relentless curiosity and a passion for innovation. His journey from engineering physics to leadership in sales and technical operations reflects his commitment to continuous growth and adaptation in a rapidly evolving business landscape